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Bolivian Pampa

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Origen: Santa Rosa - Bolivia
Destination: Santa Rosa - Bolivia
Capacity: 5


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PAMPAS: Near the lowland village of Santa Rosa is an area of savannah, a very flat landscape divided by meandering rivers and characterized by generally low and open vegetation. This area also has a very high diversity and abundance of fauna, especially birds. Notable species found in the area include: capaybaras, pink river dolphins, monkeys (including black howler, squirrel and brown capuchin), anacondas, caiman and rheas. Because of the abundance of many species and the very open nature of the vegetation, fauna are extremely easy to find and watch, making this an excellent area for wildlife observation. Day 1 - La Paz / Rurrenabaque Departure from Rurrenabaque by 4x4 jeeps at 09:00 am to drive northeast for approximately 3.5 hours to the Caracoles Lodge near the Yacuma River. Lunch, and in the afternoon you will board dugout canoes on the Yacuma River and travel up the river looking for pink dolphins, monkeys, capybaras, turtles and a great variety of birdlife from hawks, ibises, screamers, herons, toucans, parrots and macaws. Return to the lodge. (L,D) Day 2 - Pampas After breakfast you will get into your dugout canoe again and travel on Yacuma River to find a place to start walking into the savannahs to look for the world\