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Origen: La Paz - Bolivia
Destination: Lago Titi Caca - Bolivia
Capacity: 20


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Lake Titicaca, also known as the Sacred Lake of the Incas, is a tremendous lake that is the world’s highest navegable lake in the world. Dreams become reality with an unusual blue surrounding, and spectacular panoramic views, including that of the Andes. Many cultures have grown on its shores, and also believe it is the vortex of cosmic energy. The major attractions are Huatajata, native fisherman’s spots, a stretch of Tiquina dividing the Chuito lake from the small Wiñay Marka, the Isla del Sol (Island of the sun). According to tradition, the area is the cradle of Incan Empire. Other main attractions include la Isla de la Luna (Island of the moon), the temple of the virgins of the sun, the Sanctuary of Copacabana, which gave its name to the famous Copacabana beach in Rio, and is not far from the the ruins of Tiwanacu, which is considered to be the cradle of american civilization Day 1. Fly with Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano from Cusco to La Paz. Arrive and be transported to Huatajata, on Lake Titicaca. In the eco-town of “Raíces Andinas” it is an authentic experience the Andes. Partake in a program of cultural immersion in small village of artisans and fisherman, visiting the Floating Islands, and the clay igloos of the Urus Chipayas culture, meet the Limachi brothers, constructors of gigantic reed-boats like the RA II or the Tigris. Visit the Altiplano museum and at night, visit the mystical world of the Kallawayas, where “El Tata Lorenzo” (“The Papa Lorenzo”) explains methods of healing over the past thousand years, and by reading the sacred coca leaves he can read his future. The Kallawayas are doctors in natural medicine of the Andes, having used Penicillen, Terramicin, and quinine for 2000 years. They believe that first one should cure their soul in order to cure their body, and because of this wisdom, Bolivia is known as the Cradle of Natural Medicine. While you enjoy the sunset, a drink will be waiting for you when you return to your room. At night, visit the Native Alajpacha Observatory to learn about the constellations of the sourthern hemisphere and the cosmo– Vision Aymará (NASA donated two telescopes, which are at the disposal of our clients). Accommodation in the Inca Utama & Spa Hotel (5 stars). Day 2. American breakfast. Begins with your cruise in Alliscafo. After a brief stop in the fishing area to see the local fisherman in their handmade boats, you will continue towards the Tiquina Stretch where natives are crossing in cars and trucks between San Pedro and San Pablo. Continuing, by foot now, until La Isla de la Luna and visit the Iñak Uyu (Temple of the Virgins of the Sunl), considered as the most important ruins around the lake. Here the most beautiful young people of the Inca empire would help the sacred fires glow. Walk in Aliscafo towards La Isla del Sol, where according to lengend, Manco Cápac and Mama Ojllo, the children of the Sun God, Inti, founded the Inca Empire. Visit the Incan steps and the Sacred Fountain and try the sacred water which will hopefully bring you happiness and eternal youth. Lunch in the archaeological restaurant “Uma Kollu” and visit a small crafts maket (exclusive). Cruise to Copacabana—the most important sanctuary in Bolivia. Visit the town, the cathedral, and the Sacred Indian Virgin. This place gave its name to the Copacabana beach in Rio. Return by bus to La Paz and receive transportation to the hotel. Enjoy the unique landscapes while passing pictureesque little native towns. Accommodations in the Hotel Paris (4 stars). Day 3. Breakfast Buffet. Transportation from the airport in order to take the LAB flight from Lima to Cusco.